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Addressing and Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: Bre

Sex, a topic often shrouded in taboo, has contributed to a culture of secrecy and shame, particularly within family discussions. Unfortunately, this silence has allowed the misuse of sexual knowledge to inflict significant harm on our lives. As children transition into adolescence, they naturally grapple with questions about their physical and mental states. The allure […]

Exercise Your Right to Defend

You possess the inherent right to fight back when you sense a threat. A decent individual would not approach a woman in a way that induces vulnerability, especially if she explicitly vocalizes her discomfort. Statistics reveal that women who resist are less likely to be assaulted and tend to sustain less severe injuries compared to […]

Self-Defense Techniques for Women: Know Your Strengths and Their Weaknesses

In the realm of self-defense for women, understanding your body’s strengths and strategically targeting an assailant’s vulnerabilities can be empowering. Here are key tips to enhance personal safety: Leverage Your Elbow Strength: Your elbow is a powerful tool. If you find yourself in close proximity to an attacker, use it to your advantage. Aim for […]

A Holistic Approach to Personal Growth

Partaking in self-defense training goes beyond physical protection; it instills discipline, fosters personal development and empowers individuals in various aspects of life. Professionally, the lessons learned in self-defense have a transformative impact, enhancing skills that extend far beyond the training ground. As a coach and businesswoman, the discipline cultivated through self-defense has made me more […]